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The Best Guide To Choose The Right BNPL Scheme

Are you short of cash to buy something urgently? You could seek a personal loan from a bank or a financial institution. However, they might ask you for your credit score. If you do not have a good credit history, your chances of getting personal loan would be significantly lower. However, a person with a poor credit history could use a Buy Now Pay Later Singapore loan option.

Buy Now And Pay Later In Singapore

In Singapore, Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is a kind of credit that allows consumers to purchase products or services ahead of time and then pay for them in installments. You could make the most of the option to meet your specific emergencies without worrying about strict repayment plans.

It was quickly gaining popularity due to its options for those who have limited access to money. According to a study of Singaporeans who are aged 16 or older, the majority of the roughly 1.1 million are using the service BNPL. Many reported benefits of the use of the service, whereas others suffered massive financial loss.

How To Settle Debts

The most straightforward method on how can debt be settled in Singapore involves sending an appeal letter to your lender (e.g. banking institution or bank) detailing your financial situation. In the letter, you will request a lower-cost installment repayment plan, which could include smaller installments over a longer loan term. Self-administration is an option for those who owe just one or two creditors.

How Do We Compare The Top Credit Cards In Singapore By The Dollar Value

Based on an average spending per month of $2,000, we analysed the top credit cards available that are available to calculate value-for-money after 2 years, taking into account rebates and deducting annual costs. It is important to note that value per dollar is heavily contingent on your spending habits, which is why we have chosen different cards to meet various needs. it would be imperative for you to compare the best credit cards in Singapore to get the best available option.

We also consider the benefits that are not tangible, such as accessibility, ease of use travel insurance, and access to airport lounges that are worth considering but are difficult to measure.

Best Cashback Credit Cards In Singapore

Cashback cards are simple and simple to use. Rewards can help you pay for your monthly bills.

UOB One Credit Card: Highest Flat Rebate Card

Fees, Rewards & Perks

  • Annual cost: S$192.60 (the first year- waived)
  • A 5% discount on all general expenditure up to S$200 per quarter (S$2,000 minimum spend) with a minimum of 5 transactions per month
  • Discounts of up to 10% off Grab, Shopee, Dairy Farm Singapore and select UOB travel. 1cent on utility bills
  • 3.33 percent rebate that can be up to S$100 per quarter (S$1,000 minimum spend)
  • 3.33 percent rebate, which is up to S$50 per quarter (S$500 minimum spend)
  • 0.03% rebate on every spent if there is no rebate earned during the calendar year.
  • Up to 21.15 percent saving from Shell and 22.66 percent at SPC

POSB Everyday Card: Rebates on Essentials + SimplyGo/ABT

Fees, Rewards & Perks

  • Annual cost: S$192.60 (first year – exempted)
  • 10% cash rebates on food delivery plus 3% rebate on other dining expenses
  • cash rebates of 5% on purchases made online
  • three cash rebates on dining expenses
  • 0.3 percent cash rebate on all other expenditures
  • DBS payment plan: Pay zero interest, until 6 month

The guide would help you make the most of the credit card options to choose the one suitable for your specific needs.